Reaching out into our communities is vital to our organization, developing relationships with

community leaders,media,school faculty and local civic groups can greatly assist each post in

achieving the VFW mission.

Department Community Service Form

Special Community Service Projects 
Commandeers' Special Project

Gold Star Mother Program
Gold Star Mothers is composed of American mothers who lost a son or daughter during World War I, World War II. the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Beirut, Grenada, Panama, the Persian
Gulf, Somalia, Bosnia, Saudi  Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, all Strategic Areas, or while in service to our country.  Gold Star Mothers serve an important roll in our VA healthcare system.
The Commander suggests supporting Gold Star Mothers though financial contributions.  Contributions can be made from the Post Relief Fund.  Contributions must be made through the Department of Michigan VFW and earmarked Gold Star Mothers to receive points towards All-State Honors. 
Blue Star Mothers are composed of mothers that have a son or daughter serving in the Military today.  The Commander suggests that we start working more with this organization by offering our Posts as meetings places for these mothers and helping them to send items to their loved ones.  Points will be awarded for All-State for working with Blue Star Mothers.
VFW Operation Uplink
Help our servicemen/women call home.  This VFW program has helped over 2.2 million servicemen/women and hospitalized veteran's call home.  Contributions must be made through the Department of Michigan VFW and earmarked Operation Uplink to receive points towards the All-State Honors.